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Felt-tip Mallets, pair, for Tongue-Drums ABK-12 Afroton Felt-tip Mallets, pair, for Tongue-Drums
pair of wooden mallets hand felted tips soft, sensitive attack ideal for long sustain specially designed for BEK drums, Nataraj and Zenko tongue drums Germany
€29.00 *
Mallet for oceandrum ASL792 Afroton Mallet for oceandrum
tapered wooden grip soft, padded head friendly, warm sound for sensitive instruments, like oceandrums, frame drums and shaman’s drums Pakistan
€9.00 *
Mallet for shaman drum ASS793 Afroton Mallet for shaman drum
rustic, handcarved mallet padded, medium hard leather head for robust frame drums (cow hide) Indonesia
€10.00 *